Why Straight Guys Should Try Anal Toys!


In this day and age, I hope you know it’s perfectly normal for straight men to indulge in and enjoy a little anal stimulation. If you don’t already know, I’m here to tell you: enjoying anal stimulation via toys or other methods does NOT make you gay! If you are gay, that’s okay, too, but we’re talking about straight men here today so let’s stay on topic 😉 Straight guys can enjoy anal play just as much as anyone else and there are many reasons why you should consider trying it out if you haven’t already. We took the liberty of drawing up a handy list for you 😛

Why Straight Guys Should Try Anal Toys!

First up, I want to quickly mention that you’ll want to discuss the idea of anal play with your partner beforehand, but be honest with yourself; is she someone who would be into the idea? If not, you may want to explore this avenue on your own before figuring out how to bring it up. If you think she might be open to the idea of anal fun, then go for it! It could open up a whole new area of exploration for you and your partner that really adds new excitement to your sex life. Also, having the support of your partner will help you to feel more comfortable and excited, even, about what’s in store!

  • It Can Broaden Your Sex Life. If you’ve been very straight-laced until now, trying anal play and anal toys out is a great opportunity to break out of your shell! Try new things with your partner, grow together in your sexual fulfillment and get to know yourself better. Anal play between you and your partner can also be a little secret between the two of you which might make things that much more intense and erotic.
  • Anal Play Opens Up A Whole New Avenue of Sexual Exploration. If you’ve only previously explored more vanilla areas of sexual enjoyment, then anal play can really open up the doors of an exciting new world for you! Anal play will help both of you explore new erogenous zones and feel more fulfilled, excited, and passionate in bed.
  • Anal Stimulation Can Help You Experience the Best & Most Intense Orgasm Of Your Life. It’s well known that prostate stimulation, the area stimulated during anal play, is one of the most sensitive pleasure spots on the body. There are a bundle of nerves that exist in this area and stimulating it can result in more intense orgasms for both parties.


How to Try Anal Play for the First Time:

  1. The first thing you want to do is get yourself cleaned up! This means cleaning the anal area, inside and out, doing a bowel movement beforehand, showering, and even doing an enema if you feel it’s needed. You can shave the area if you feel more comfortable, but it’s up to you.
  2. Once you’re ready to enjoy a little anal play, you’ll want to lay towels down on your bed or wherever the fun will be had! Towels are great to have on hand just in case there’s any mess with lubricant, etc.
  3. After everything is set up, the main thing you want to do is RELAX. Make sure your muscles are completely relaxed as much as possible. You may feel nervous your first time, but just remember it’s all in good fun and pleasure. Relaxing your muscles will help ensure that there is as little resistance and pressure as possible which will increase the pleasurable feeling during anal play.
  4. Remember to decide, beforehand, which toys you want to try, if any, or how you want to explore stimulation. You can try small anal toys, have your partner use their fingers or mouth (rim job), or use a strap-on for a little pegging fun. If you’re trying anal toys for the first time, make sure the toy has a sturdy handle or larger base so it doesn’t get stuck; awkward ER visits are easily avoided with a little care and precaution.
  5. Before you dive into trying out your toys, be sure you have some lubricant on hand. If you plan to use toys, make sure you’re using a water based lubricant so that your toy doesn’t degrade. If you’re simply using your hands, you can safely use silicone lubricants as desired.
  6. Have fun and enjoy the ride 😉

Stay Safe & Naughty 😉

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Disclaimer: We, here at Masturgasm, are not doctors (though we love dressing up as naughty ones ;-)). We do not claim to be healthcare professionals; we only offer the best advice and what has worked best for us. If you are unsure whether any of these tips are right for you, please seek care with a medical doctor or primary healthcare physician.

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