Your Guide to Cuffing Season


If you don’t already know what cuffing season is, cuffing season refers to the fall and winter periods where some people find a temporary partner to enjoy the season with. The purpose? Doing all the fun things couples like to do during the colder periods: cuddling, spooning, watching Netflix, sex, and more. So, if you happen to be single and want to get cuffed down for the fall and winter, read on for tips!

Your Guide to Cuffing Season

  • How to Find A Cuffing Partner – You can choose between Craigslist or a more legit dating site, but make sure you denote that you’re seeking a partner for “cuffing season” or a “temporary mate.” Being upfront about your goals, intentions, and feelings will ensure that nobody gets hurt. It’s all in good fun and companionship for the season. If you prefer to meet someone in person more organically, then make sure you’re going out with friends. You can go out to bars, restaurants, parks, karaoke, grocery stores, and more. Go with friends and have someone be your wing-man, introduce you to people if you’re shy, and chat you up to potential cuff-mates. This is a great way to scope out potential partners!
  • How to Increase Your Appeal – Cuffing season is a great way to enjoy companionship and couples’ life, but there are various ways to increase your appeal and ensure you hook a temporary mate. You can buy new perfumes, wear bright colors to stand out, and be more open to meeting new people.
  • Why to Cuff Up – The fall and winter seasons can be such a fun time, but it can also be lonely if you go it alone. It’s great to have a mate to take to holiday parties, exchange gifts with, and enjoy some cuddling, netflix and sex with. It’s also awesome to stick with one partner during this season rather than a bunch of different partners to reduce your risk of STD’s. You might also end up meeting someone you want to keep around through spring; who knows?

Cuffing season is a fun time for a temporary mate and you never know; you might end up meeting someone worthwhile. At the same time, it can still be just for fun seasonal companionship and that’s okay too. If you’re looking to cuff up for the season, now’s the time to do it. You want to make sure you have a mate for upcoming Halloween parties so get on it 😉

Stay Safe & Naughty 😉

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