3 Ways to Make Your Summer Road Trip Naughtier!


We’re on the last leg of summer, but there’s still time to pack it up and take a quick weekend road trip! Whether it’s to a nearby hot spot or somewhere further away, here are a few naughty ways to make life on the open road a little more fun!

3 Ways to Make Your Summer Road Trip Naughtier! 

  1. Pleasure One Another – If you happen to be taking a trip sans children, you and your partner might enjoy a little pleasure – giving and receiving! Take turns driving and pleasuring one another while the other drives along, but only if you can keep your car straight in the process, otherwise you better find a hotel for a quickie!
  2. Camp Out – Road tripping is a fun way to feel closer to each other and a great time for bonding. If you want to enjoy a little time on your own with someone special and get naughty, try camping out in the wilderness! You’ll be alone enough to get down and dirty in a tent without being distracted by technology, civilization or anyone else. Plus, you’ll be far out in the middle of nowhere that you can be as loud as you like during the main event 😉
  3. Cool Off + Heat Up – If you happen to be traveling near a body of water, get out and enjoy a little naughty water play as long as nobody else is around! You’ll enjoy a nice reprieve from the summer heat AND get tons of pleasure, adventure, and excitement from trying something spontaneous together.

Have A Very Naughty Summer ;-P

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