NEW Penis Extensions on Masturgasm!


Thick Ur Slick Dick (open ended)

New on Masturgasm this week are some incredible penis extensions perfect for getting the exact size you want for the ultimate pleasure!

Whether it’s girth, length, texture, or all the above, these penis extenders are the ideal way to add intense new erotic sensations to your sex life ūüėČ Several of these are also open ended for a more intimate and realistic sexual experience as well.


Rumpa Bump 2 Bump Anal Expander (open ended)

This extension is the ideal choice for anal play. The 2 bumps make each notch pack in the pleasure and the open end ensures everyone feels every bit of it!


The A Bomb Beast Sized Girth Expander (open ended)

If thickness and filling your holes to the brim are your aim, this extension is the ULTIMATE. The seriously thick girth expander packs a punch with it’s smooth, but veinzy textured shaft and open end for a more intimate¬†experience.


The Matador Penis Extension

Where the other penis extensions are all about girth and thickness, the Matador Penis Extension is all about the texture and length. It measures in at 12 inches overall (9 inches insertable) and promises a seriously deep, delicious ride.

Browse the¬†Sales on Masturgasm¬†‚Ästhere.

Browse the¬†Sales on Amazon ‚Ästhere.


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