Naughty Texts to Send Your S.O. this Valentine’s Day


Sexting has long since become a total norm for society and it’s no wonder; we tweet, facebook, instagram, and yes, text message all day every day in this tech-loving era. Because you’re probably a lot more likely to text your lover on this upcoming romantic hallmark holiday, we’ve come up with a few fun and naughty ways that say a whole lot more than just “I love you.”

  • “You’ve been very naughty today — come home so I can spank the sh*t out of you!”
  • “It’s so hot right now, can you come help me get out of these clothes and into a cold shower?”
  • “I’m naked — what do you plan to do about it?”
  • “I’m not wearing any panties/underwear…” (at a party or public place)
  • “Come f*ck me – HARD.”

What are your favorite ways to sext someone?

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