5 Aphrodisiacs to Try on Valentine’s Day



5 Aphrodisiacs To Try This Valentines Day

The time to get freaky with your loved one is near! We, here at Masturgasm, can’t think of a better way to spend your V-Day than under the sheets with that special someone so we’ve come up with several food ideas you can include in your dinner menu to enhance the mood with their aphrodisiac properties! In case you are late to the party, aphrodisiacs are foods that are said to increase your sexual appetite and the sexual experience. Aphrodisiacs can increase bloodflow, enhance mood, and have many other erotic attributes. Here is our list of aphrodisiacs to try out this Valentine’s Day!

Oysters – These little salty bites are pure sex! Oysters are rich in rare amino acids that actually trigger increased rates in our sexual hormones so don’t mind that oyster breath, Casanova; pop a mint because it’s naughty time!

Chili Peppers – A little spicy does a body good 🙂 Chili peppers actually have great sexual power! They stimulate the release of endorphins (pleasure hormones), make you sweat, and ramp up your heart rate to get you in the right kind of mood 😉

Avocado – This sexy green fruit is one that I’m sure we all love. This bad boy is FULL of vitamin E which not only helps fight off aging, but also acts as a great source of energy and keeps you going through the night! The next time you get a sandwich, be sure to ask for some extra avocado!

Chocolate – What ISN’T sexual about chocolate?! It’s sweetness, creaminess, and it’s delicious taste overall is the perfect food for any romantic dinner! It is also known to cause a spike in dopamine levels (relaxing hormones) and induces relaxed, pleasurable feelings and increases your feeling of overall contentment.

Bananas – Aside from the fact that these naughty fruits resemble penises, bananas are quite healthy and beneficial for your sex life! They contain an enzyme called bromelain which triggers testosterone production as well as energy-boosting potassium and B vitamins.

If you were looking for some naughty options for that special Valentine’s Day dinner, then you’re welcome 😉

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