5 Flowers with Hidden Sexual Meanings



5 Flowers With Hidden Sexual Meanings

The language of flowers is a cryptological language that people use through the trade and giving of flowers. This practice has been going on since the Victorian era. Here are 5 flowers with hidden sexual meanings.

  • Red Poppies – These flowers are a sign of eroticism and pleasure.
  • Grass – You might think that grass is boring, but we beg to differ! Grass is a sign of submission and will be the perfect thing to gift your dom with this V-Day!
  • Rose ( Coral) – Roses, especially red or coral colored ones signify desire and passion or strong emotions and love. Yellow roses, alternatively, signify friendship.
  • Gardenia – Gardenias might seem innocent, but their meaning is naughtier than you’d imagine! One meaning is to tell someone you fancy or adore them and another is for secret or forbidden love!
  • Camellia (Red) – Red camellias might seem like any other flower, but their meaning is very unique and passionate! They say to the receiver: “You’re a Flame in My Heart.”

What’s YOUR Sexy Secret Flower? ;D

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