Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Yiff Lovers


For the yiff lover, Valentine’s Day is likely a bit more specialized and with good reason! You’ll want your romance to have a fun furry twist and we agree 😉 We’ve come up with a curate list of items we think would make the perfect gift for any yiff lover come February 14th!


Mr. Ed Anatomically Correct Horse Penis Dildo – Mr. Ed is one of our most loved animal toys and it’s anatomically correct! Designed after a real-life horse penis, this big animal dildo is sure to bring yiff lovers a whole lot of pleasure!


Elephant Cock Ring (with micro vibe) – Designed in the shape of an elephant’s face, this cock ring is seriously unique! Equipped with a discreet, but high-powered micro vibe, the Elephant Cock Ring has lots of textured stimulation and it’s trunk offers clit/anal stimulation, as desired.


Super Clifford Double Dong (with tail) – The Super Clifford Double Dong is a double ended dildo that packs a ton of furry fun! One end is a stylized design of a dog’s penis while the other is designed after a dog’s wagging tail! Both ends can be used for all kinds of erotic play, have tons of texture on them, and are the perfect choice for naughty pup role play!


The Wolfman Penis Extension – Last, but not least, this penis extension is the perfect way to enjoy a more personal and realistic erotic yiff fantasy! Designed after a wolf’s penis, this extension is the perfect way to experience a harder erection, more intense orgasm, and indulge in some naughty furry fun!

Whatever you choose as the perfect furry lovers’ gift, we hope you have a yiffing good Valentine’s Day 😉

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