Product Spotlight: FUTURECOCKS



Product Spotlight: The Cocks of the Future

With 2015 here (the futuristic year in Back to the Future, of course), we thought it was time to roll out some futuristic phallics! The penis is the most common phallic object in existence, obviously, because it is THE phallus. These days we modify our penis to achieve different sexual results for different situations whether it be with plastic surgery, piercing, or anything else that comes to mind. In this product spotlight, we will discuss our futuristic dildos: designed to shake the planet!

6.5″ I-Cock with Suction

Forget the I-pod, this is the I-Cock! A technological superiority in dildo design, this dildo is slick with a ring near the top, has a pleasure bead in the tip, and a clitoral stimulator at the base for the ultimate in pleasurable design.  The I-Cock Dildo is fully equipped to fit your every erotic desire.

Click Here to Learn more and purchase your I-Cock Dildo on .

Foreskin F*cking Good with Suction

It’s the Foreskin F*cking Good Dildo (or FFG for short)! This is a take on the foreskin that literally takes it to the next level, the ALIEN level! This toy also has a suction cup for when things get a little out of this world 😉

Click Here to Learn more and purchase your Foreskin F*cking Good Dildo on .

Product Spotlight: Stylistic Double Dongs

3 ways to Jumpstart Your Libido in 2015

Product Spotlight: It’s Fistin’ Time!

Shop the Sale on Masturgasm – here.

Shop the Sale on Amazon – here.


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