4 Sexy Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day


There are likely tons of fun ways you can spend a romantic date on Valentine’s Day, but we like to add a little spice to the run-of-the-mill ideas floating around the internet so here are 4 fun ways to spend Valentine’s Day with that special someone – all with a naughty twist!

  • Out On the Town. A night out is a fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day! I recommend a pub or restaurant crawl as it will give you the chance to experience many different things in one night, though you may need to make reservations since it’s Valentine’s Day and prepare yourself for the crowds and crowded table seating. On the upside, you can always have a little naughty play in your car or wear a pair of vibrating undergarments to liven up your dinner ;-).
  • In Bed. What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day then by staying in bed all day? You can enjoy breakfast or brunch in bed, have a morning romp, indulge in a shower together, hop back in bed and go at it again!
  • Romantic Dinner + Bath/Shower. A romantic dinner at home is a great way to save money this Valentine’s Day and also spare yourself from dealing with the restaurant crowds. Another great benefit to staying in is that you can follow up your dinner and dessert with a hot bath or shower and an immediate jaunt in bed! No need to wait in traffic or lines 😉
  • A Romantic Getaway. One other way to get away from the crowds or maybe just enjoy a change of pace is by planning a romantic getaway for Valentine’s Day. You can visit a romantic location like a beach destination or maybe something more historical like New Orleans. They’re both romantic in their own right, but in different ways. If traveling far away isn’t possible, try a weekend trip nearby to your nearest luxury hotel or bed and breakfast. They’re all over the place and you can typically get discounts on Groupon, TravelZoo or LivingSocial so be sure to check those out to get the best deal!

Whatever you do this Valentine’s Day, have a good time, eat a little chocolate, and enjoy some exciting new things with someone special.

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