Product Spotlight: Horse Play



Product Spotlight: Horse Play

In the animal world, there are no rules, morals, or reservations when it comes to sex. Things are what they are. This is possibly why so many people are attracted to animal nature and acting on primal instincts…It removes the rules of society that constrain us all. The horse is a majestic creature filled with intense, passionate, animal nature so it’s no wonder  horse sexual fantasies are alluring to some. In this product spotlight, we delve deep into the world of the ultimate animal fantasy.

Mr. Ed

Mr. Ed is our classic horse dong. It is sculpted and specially designed to be an anatomically correct representation of a horse penis for ultimate realism. This bad boy is huge and you have to see it in person to believe it! For those who want to enjoy horse fantasies and a more personal erotic experience, we have the Mr. Ed Extension as well.

Check our online store for more information on the Mr. Ed Series

Trojan Horse

Despite it’s clever name, there’s no hiding this Trojan Horse! The Trojan Horse is one of our largest toys standing at a height of 18.5 Inches and weighing over 5 lbs! That’s one seriously hung horse!

Check out our online store for more information on the Trojan Horse!

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