Product Spotlight: Venomous Erotica



Product Spotlight: Venemous Erotica

There are many dangerous things on this planet and for some dangerous can mean exciting or even sexual which is why we love these venomous dildos! Snakes and scorpions are just the sort of sexual danger anyone who enjoys life with a little risk and adrenaline will enjoy, at least in the safe realm of fantasy, am I right?


The Scorpenis Dildo is half scorpion, but all pleasure! This uniquely designed toy has a penis like structure, with a stylistic scorpion-like body and design. The ridges provide stimulation during use for added enjoyment. This is the only stinger that you wish would prick you!

Learn more and purchase the Scorpenis Dildo on Masturgasm .


Slither Slither, come hither! The Serpenis Dildo is a fine design that is a cross between man and serpent. The tip is pointy, resembling a hybrid stinger tongue, while the shaft resembles a serpent body; ribbed for stimulation. The balls have a small ridged stinger for even more pleasure and stimulation during use that will surely send you over the edge!

Learn more and purchase the Serpenis Dildo on Masturgasm .

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