New Sex Toy Arrivals for January


We’ve released so many new toys this past month or so that I felt it was worth sharing some of the newer items and a few of the blog features we’ve done recently as well so you can see which ones will work best for you and your sexual tastes ;-P

  • NEW Fisting Toys – We carry a nice selection of different fisting toys and our newest additions include actual fist-shaped toys! Learn more about the different kinds of fisting toys in our Fisting Toy Feature.
  • Cyberflex Alien Dong – The Cyberflex Alien Dong is perfect for anyone who wants a toy that’s a little wild and full of textured stimulation! Textured all up and down it’s shaft for added sensations during use, this unique double dong offers a seriously pleasurable experience. Learn more about this toy in our double dong feature.
  • Trojan Double Dong – A double ended toy for mutual erotic fun, this double dong includes 2 textured, stimulating tips for anal/clitoral stimulation, however you choose to use it! Learn more about this toy in our double dong feature.
  • NEW Metal Sex Toys – Cock Rings, Cock and Anal Plug Combo Toys, Butt Plugs and Cages!
  • Aquatic Themed Sex Toys – These toys are perfect for anyone who loves anal and the ocean 😉 One is in the clever, textured design of an octopus and the other is shaped after a very naughty fish! Learn more about these two awesome plugs here.
  • Lemon Butt Plugs – These anal toys are exactly what they sound like: lemon-shaped anal plugs! Complete with the texture of a lemon, but without the sting of lemon juice, these toys are a delicious way to experience erotic anal delights! Learn more about these lemon plugs.
  • Plugrings – Plugrings are a unique way to enjoy the benefits of cock rings while also indulging in a little anal play in one cleverly made toy! Learn more about plugrings!
  • Animal Cock Rings – The animal kingdom is a fun place to play and these fun cock rings come designed after naughty animals with unique features for added pleasure during wear and use. Learn more about these animal cock rings.

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