5 Sex Positions You’ve Never Heard Of!


Sex positions can be a fun, easy way to spice up your sex life and while I’m sure we’ve all tried the basic ones, there are a TON of sex positions out there to be explored and experimented with that you’ve probably never heard of. Here are 5 sex positions you’ve never heard of that I thought would be fun to share!

  1. The Butter Churner – The female partner lies down on her back with her butt and back up in the air while the male partner deeply penetrates her in this position.
  2. The Lazy Twizzler – You start off by spooning one another and the female partner opens her legs just enough to be penetrated. You gently rock into one another so this is a kind of lazy Sunday position!
  3. The Criss-Cross – The female partner opens her legs while facing her partner and he faces her with his legs in the same position opposite. This looks a lot like scissoring as he penetrates her deeply by clasping their hands to use as a levy during each thrust.
  4. Turning the Helm – You start off in missionary position and then the male partner gets up on his knees steadily, lifts your legs up and over so you’re on your side. From there, you can move up onto your knees into doggy style for a totally seamless change of positions.
  5. Be the Frog – The female partner crouches on her hands and knees in frog position while the male partner enters from behind. It helps if the female partner can arch her back as this will make penetration easier. The male partner should help support the female partner by holding onto her waist, otherwise she might fall on her face.

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