Product Spotlight: It’s Fistin’ Time!


Product Spotlight: It’s Fistin’ Time!

The art of handball (commonly known as fisting) has been increasing in popularity for the last decade, so we thought we would talk to you today about our favorite fisting products! So, get the lube, relax your mind, and prepare your ass because It’s Fisting Time!


OZ Fist #1 (With Hardener)

The first fist under the spotlight is our OZ Fist #1 with hardener. Standing tall at 13.75 Inches and 10 and a half inches around. This toy is perfect for “punching” or “punchfisting”. The toy has hardener inside so that you have sturdy support during sessions. Be sure to use lots of lube as this is a massively delicious toy! This toy is great to use alone or with a partner; however you like!


OZ Fist #2 ( With Hardener)

OZ Fist #2 with hardener is a fist with an open, “duckbill” like hand, allowing easier insertion ( Note: we still advise you use a lot of lube!). With a suction cup base, this toy will stay sturdy during intense pleasure sessions. This is a great toy if you need a “Helping Hand”. It has a length of 14.25 inches and is measured at 9 inches around.


Duo Fist (With Hardener)

Double the pleasure and double the anal fun with this toy! Made from a male and female clenched fist, this toy is for the serious fister and will take some serious warming up to, but once you do, the pleasurable experiences are limitless! The first fist is smaller than the second so its a great stretching toy.

Stay Safe and Stay Horny!

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