3 Toys to Try on New Year’s Eve!


NYE is such a fun time to reflect on the past, plan for the future, and of course, enjoy the present with those you hold dear. If you’re planning a naughty night in with your partner(s), here are 3 awesome toys to give a go before the clock strikes 12!


The Capsule Butt Plug comes with 5 inches in length for delicious amounts of pleasure. Also equipped with a handy redi-lock for ease of use and a sleek, it’s tapered design and contours for added anal stimulation and sensations you can work up to. The convenient redi-lock suction ensures all your pleasures can be enjoyed without interruption.


The Super Clifford Dong with Tail is a delightful furry sex toy that can faciliate all your doggy desires! One end is designed after a sleek dog penis for unique yiff pleasure and stimulation while the other end is contoured and textured after a dog tail. This toy can be used from either end, as desired, and is perfect for fulfilling all your yiff role playing fantasies!


The 6.5″ I-Cock Dildo is the perfect dildo in shape, size and design! It comes equipped with a clitoral stimulator and has a smooth, curved design which is perfect for hitting your g-spot during use and enjoying intense sensations. As if that’s not enough, the toy comes equipped with a decent amount of length and thickness as well as a suction cup so you can have your fun, non-stop, to your kinky heart’s content!

Cheers to the Best New Year’s Eve Yet 😉

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