Product Spotlight (Seaside Edition): The NEW Octoplug and Tilapia Butt Plug


Product Spotlight: The Tilapia and Octo-Plug


In this product spotlight we take to the high seas where our fishy and octo friends are hangin out! Here is our breakdown on these awesome aquatic life based adult toys!


The Octo Plug

First up we have our Octo-plug, an anal plug designed to look like a friendly octopus, but is actually a nice anal plug. The suction cup base is very sturdy ( For vigorous deep diving) and will stick to any smooth surface. The tip and shaft of this plug has a nice design that provides stimulation visually as well as physically. Check out the Octo-plug at our online store!


The Small Tilapia Plug

The Tilapia Plug ( Small Medium and Large)

Theres nothing fishy about the tilapia plug! This scaly fish doubles as an extra wide butt plug for your anal fancy, and comes in 3 different sizes! The large suction cup at the base so you can bootyrock that bad boy until you arrive at davey jones locker. Just dont get seasick from all that rockin 😉 We have the Tilapia in Small, Medium and Large at our online store!

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