3 Ways to Gift Your Partner Without Spending A Dime


Giving someone a naughty gift this holidays doesn’t have to be expensive; in fact, it doesn’t have to cost you a thing!

Even though we often give tangible gifts, there are other ways to show our love and appreciation for those we hold dear and today’s post is offering 3 alternative ways to gift them and you’ll be spending little to no cash!

  1. Offer Up Your Time… For A Naughty Massage! You know, most of the time, you may not want to give your partner a massage. You’re tired, they’re tired, or both and the last thing you want to do is give them a full body rub down. This holiday season is the perfect time for you to finally give them the massage they’ve been wanting and probably needing and the best part is it will cost you very little if anything at all. You can run a bath for them, prep some scented oils in their favorite relaxing fragrance, lay some towels or flannel on the bed or floor, light some candles, play some nice music and make a whole experience out of it. Not only will they surely appreciate your efforts, but you won’t need to go buy a single thing ( except maybe massage oil and/or candles ).
  2. Have A Naughty Bake-A-Thon! One day this holiday season when you’re both at home alone, put on your skimpiest outfit and bake their favorite meal or pastry! Not only will you in a delicious outfit get their heart pumping, but they will definitely enjoy your culinary efforts and the yummy results of all your hard work. Whether you enjoy a little romp before or after dessert is up to you 😉
  3. They’ve Been Very Naughty This Year…Let Them Unwrap You! You can do this by literally wrapping your naked body in thick ribbon and surprising them one evening with you – as a gift! You can offer up new ideas to try in bed or come equipped with toys – whatever you like.

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