Anthropomorphia and Sexuality: The History of Yiff

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Anthropomorphism and Sexuality: An Overview

A Tale as old as time, anthropomorphism has been a part of history for as long as we have been able to illustrate concepts in our imagination. What is anthropomorphism and how is sexuality involved in this constant evolving fascination? In this article, we dive into the mystery and history of the human-animal connection.

Though we tend to use the slang term, furry, anthropomorphism is a more general definition of the same interest. anthropomorphism is a word meaning “human shaped” which is an interest in giving human aspects to non human beings or objects. Many examples have been defined by modern anthropomorphic enthusiasts that illustrate a timeline of how anthropomorphism has evolved, and branched into sexuality taking us to today where we relate almost any aspect of sexuality to an animal. Read on to learn about the fascinating journey that made animals such a rich part of our spiritual and sexual ideology.

The History of Anthropomorphism

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Horus, one of the Oldest Egyptian Deities was a Falcon Headed man

        The Dawn of Man and Animal

Anthropomorphism has been around since the dawn of man. In ancient Egypt animals, were re-imaged as man and played the role of gods in a polytheistic society. Many of these gods resembled current animals on earth. When you think of this practically, it makes sense. Animals are gods in a sense to a tribal people as can they provide you with life and environmental information based on their natural instincts. It was clear that Egyptians had a grasp on animal spirituality so it’s obvious to find ways to compare man with animal as they are deeply intertwined.

During 500 BC, what is considered to be the first literary work to use anthropomorphism, Aesop’s Fables was written by Aesop in which the Greek slave tells moral-centric stories, that contain anthropomorphic animals as the main characters in each of his moral fables. After this, many folk tales featuring anthropomorphism were being told and exchanged, and according to some, these tales filtered into what we now call ” fairy tales.”

Further Down the Rabbit Hole

 During the 1800’s, literature saw a creative boom for science fiction, fairy tales, and children’s literature in which great stories such as Alice and wonderland and The Jungle book were written. Both feature anthropomorphic animals as main or secondary characters and both stories explore forms of surrealism and even more complex themes that are more related to human issues.

Animated Anthro’s

During the 1900’s, the comic book and animated cartoon was created, making anthropomorphic characters even more popular among children. During 1945, Animal Farm, the first Anthropomorphic novel for adults, was released showing us a spin on society and social caste through animal intelligence. During this time, any adult themed anthropomorphic interest was fan driven and underground. Great artists like Robert Crumb created Fritz The Cat, an anthropomorphic cat in a world of anthropomorphism, who goes on adventures and sexual escapades. In 1972, an animated film was released featuring Fritz. It was the first animated film that had an X Rating. This film, no doubt, opened the controversial floodgates to what we consider anthropomorphic sexuality today and is considered the most famous independent animated release known to date.

The Start of Furry Fandom

The 70’s yielded new fans for anthropomorphic ideals and spawned a large underground network of those interested in discussing and role playing the idea of anthropomorphic art literature and roleplay. This spawned various fan fiction, fan groups, and alternate versions of popular cartoons in circulation. In the late 70’s, many private groups that were into alternate art, anime, and pornographic cartoons were conceived.

During the 80’s, we saw a more direct link to what we perceive as the furry today. Star Wars introduced us to the adorable little Ewoks, and endearing Chewbacca, The Care Bears and My Pretty Pony were on TV, and many comics were featuring stories with anthropomorphic characters.  In the late 80’s, we were graced with the film “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” which introduced us to a surreal world where animals were as human as man, bringing younger generations closer to what previous generations knew as funny animals or “furries”. At the end of the 80’s, the first exclusive furry convention was conceived. At this time a lot of furry erotica was circulating through furry fandom sites, BBS systems, and art circles. By the early 90’s, erotic furry art and comics were in circulation which began the furry revolution!

So this is how it all began to take form and it is still evolving into a new fascinating form of unique sexual experiences, helping those, who feel less human or more animal, experience a connection to their primal sexuality. It is important to remember how deeply related and connected we are to animals, from a carnal level to a practical level.


It is important to remember that we are also animals in a way; we are just more aware of our surroundings and are able to articulate what we think. Actual animals aren’t able to articulate anything yet that we know of, but they are acutely able to convey emotions to us that can be deeper than physical intimacy. It’s important to remember this. While we are interested in furry fandom, we don’t want anyone to hurt an animal. We are the most intelligent entity on earth and we are able to comprehend the extent of love towards humans and animals. It’s up to us to be the keepers, shepherds, and caretakers of all animals. If you are looking to experience anything sexual towards an animal, we always advise for you to keep it symbolic and never take advantage of something innocent. We offer our line of animal related adult toys to you as a means to make all your fantasies come true without involving actual animals and it is an option that helps satisfy an age old fantasy without hurting something that everyone on the planet loves.

Have fun, stay safe, and yiff on, my furry friends!

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