The Naughty Gift Guide for Couples!


The time is near, for christmas cheer,

For you and all that you hold dear

With the kids in bed, no dishes in the sink,

It’s time to dream of christmas kink

Butt plugs, bondage, dildos too,

A naughty suprise for me and you

If only the elves were dirty freaks,

We’d have Christmas every week!

Naughty Couples Gift Guide

Up first on the list we have Gun Oil H20 Water Based Lubricant! Awesome for those sessions where your gun can use something to create slip and ease during your kinky romps, this lube is also toy safe and won’t cause any damage your beloved dildos, dongs, etc.

Next we have Swiss Navy silicone Lube 8 oz. which is great for those who want to play in the shower, try anal sex, or enjoy any other kind of kinky play! We highly recommend this lube as it’s very slick and perfect for naughty experiences! When you’re all done, it’s easy to wash off; simple rinse with warm water and a mild antibacterial soap after.

The Woody Cock-Ring has a nice, long, and stimulating ridge for both you and your partner. This unique cock ring may look a little intimidating at first, but don’t be afraid! The functions of this toy will take you and your partner to pleasuretown every single time!

The Triple play Lesbian Double-Dong is unlike any other toy in the world. This is a double dong made by women and for women who want to appreciate another and really enjoy it! Each side is curved up so you can face your partner while pleasing yourself and enjoy a more personal erotic experience with someone special.

Last, but of course not least, is the Fidelity G-Spot double penetration sex toy! This toy serves as both a cock ring with a g-spot stimulator while also simulating double penetration between two partners. We can’t say enough about this toy and it’s enjoyable assets, but we can say it’s the perfect way to enjoy a menage-a-trois without adding a third person to the mix! If you use your imagination, we know you will find this toy to be a great combination of intimate pleasures.

Naughty Holiday Gift Guide: Penis Extensions

Naughty Holiday Gift Guide: Dildos

Naughty Holiday Gift Guide for Anal Lovers

Have Naughty Fall Fun this Weekend!

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