Holiday Gift Guide 2014: Penis Extensions


This week’s gift guide is all about penis extensions and I kept it really super simple because these are consistent favorites with (you! :P), me and everyone we know.

First up is the Thick Ur Dick Girth Expander. It’s textured shaft has veins all up and down it which serve as both stimulation enhancers AND lube trails (help lubricants stay on longer for uninterrupted fun!). The extension itself is designed to give the wearer the thickness they deserve and add some naughty spice to any intimate sex life. It doubles as a cock sling/ring so the wearer stays harder for longer and enjoys a more intense climax.

The Rumpa Bump Bump Extender is one of the only known anal extensions on the market today. It has 3 bumps for intensely pleasurable sensations during use and it’s tapered so you can take your time working along each bump. The wearer stays harder for longer and experiences a more intense orgasm during use while their partner enjoys anal stimulation and erotic play.

Last, but certainly not least, is the 2 Inch Veinzy Extension which is definitely a fan favorite. Textured with veins all along the shaft, it provides more length, width and stimulation during use. The wearer stays harder for longer and experiences a more intense climax while their partner experiences a unique stimulation, deeper penetration and an intensely erotic sexual experience for both!

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