Host A Naughty End of Summer Party!


Halloween will making it’s way back around very soon here, but until then, you can still apply these fun naughty party tips to an end of summer bash! Whether it’s an intimate bash for two or a bigger party, it’s sure to be a total blast! Here are some other fun tips to make your end of summer party even better:

  1. Include Water. It’s obviously quite hot at the moment so you’ll want to include water in some capacity. Whether that means including the shower, bath or a small pool as part of your party, you’ll definitely want to include it so everyone can stay cool! Not only that, but water just makes everything a lot more sensual and erotic.
  2. Lots of Drinks + Treats. Keep a good amount of water, whether in a large pitcher or water bottles in an ice chest, around to help people stay hydrated. People passing out the party won’t be any fun! Also, stock up on naughty treats like dark chocolate, whipped cream, fruits, and even aphrodisiacs.
  3. Experiment with Toys, Textures, and Different Lighting. Trying out new toys together is always a great way to spend any party! In whatever capacity, that’s up to you and your guests, but it adds an entirely new element to everything. If you want different rooms for different activities, you can decorate them simply with different textures. All cotton pillows and sheets for one room, all silk for the next, etc. Various levels of ambient lighting establishes the mood for any room and can help steer the mood of  the party in a good direction!

Have A Naughty End of Summer!

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  2. […] Have A Party. What better way to commemorate this awesome holiday than by throwing your very own naughty soirée? […]

  3. […] Enjoy some group naughtiness and throw a sexy summer party. […]

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