Naughty Ways to Enjoy Intimacy + Stay Cool!


With the hotter months, it’s easy to let your libido fall by the wayside. Intimacy loses all it’s romance when it’s so hot out that you sweat within seconds of stepping outside, but don’t lose hope just yet! Here are some fun solutions that will keep you cool while you get hot! 😉

  •  In the Pool, Lake or Beach. This one is easy! If you want to enjoy some naughty fun without overheating, the best place to do it in the summertime is the pool, beach or lake. You’ll stay cool and enjoy a naughty change of scenery!
  • In the Bath or Shower. This is a great simple option for those of you who want a quick fix and that’s enjoying some intimacy in the bath or shower. Arguably a lot more cleanly and private than the public options, but still with their own fun flavor and variety to add to your erotic experiences.
  • Turn Up the A/C! The obvious option is to simply enjoy you intimate moments with the A/C turned up so that you don’t experience the discomfort and/or dehydration that comes with the extreme heat of summer.

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