Show Your Stripes – Gay Pride Events 2014



As I said in my last post, this month is Gay Pride Month which means lots of fun events happening nationwide here in the USA (and abroad probably) both this month and in the coming months of summer and even early fall. Obviously, you should “show your stripes” and attend an event (or 3!) so here are the ones I thought were most worth mentioning!

Gay Pride Events to Attend:

  • Gay Days Orlando (June 3-9)
  • Boston Pride Parade (June 6-16)
  • LA Pride Parade in West Hollywood, CA (June 8)
  • Key West, FL Pride Parade (June 11-15)
  • Chicago Pride Fest (June 21)
  • Houston Pride Parade (June 20-29)
  • San Francisco Pride Parade (June 28-29)
  • New York Pride Parade (June 29)
  • Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival (Aug. 5 to 10)
  • Gay Days Las Vegas (Sept 2-8)

If you want to find a pride event near you, including international events happening this month and all year long, check this comprehensive calender.

If you can’t attend any awesome events or maybe you don’t want to (because you’re anti-fun or something ;-P), you can still show your support by wearing any kind of rainbow pin, t-shirt, or other decor) or just being your awesome self. At least in America, same sex marriage equality is still an ongoing battle and fighting discrimination is best done by showing moral support and solidarity so do your part this month!

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