Naughty Animal Toys You MUST Try!


This weekend is as great a time as any to let you freak flag fly what with all the Memorial Day sales going on, that is. Couple that with the fact that we carry some of the naughtiest yiff toys around and you’ve got yourself some deliciously kinky deals so I thought I’d share some of my top picks for erotic furry fun.

First up is the Bad Kitty Butt Plug. Not necessarily a yiff toy, but still a fun furry design and the plug is MASSIVE so it’s tons of fun for anal players and offers great texture and stimulation during use!

The Wolfman Dildo and it’s counterpart Wolfman Extension are both furry favorites as they’re both designed after real wolf parts and offer fun for solo erotic play AND kinky wolf roleplay, as desired.

Our Clifford the Dog Penis Dong is stylistic, but still designed after the real thing and offers fun for those who want to indulge in a little man’s best friend fantasy!

Last, but not least is another furry favorite – our Mr. Ed Horse Dildo – is an anatomically correct horse penis toy made for kinky horse play, if you know what I mean! The shape and size are especially stimulating and make for great roleplay.

Enjoy the Furry Fun 😉

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