3 Naughty Sex Toys to Try this Summer


Summer is nearly here and we want this year to be your most adventurous and spontaneous yet!

We’ve put together a few fun toys that we think everyone should give a try out this season so here we go 😉

First up is the Original Thick Ur Dick Girth Expander is one of our most popular items among couples and with good reason! It gives the desired added girth, functions as a penis extension AND cock ring, gives added sensations to both the wearer and their partner, and makes orgasms a much more intense experience. What more could we ask for?

Next is the uniquely designed Sun Man Dildo. Coming in at decent 7.5 inches, the entire shaft has a unique Mayan influenced design which serves as added stimulation during use. Couple that with a functional suction cup and you’re good to go for a very erotic experience!

Last but not least is the Wolfman Dildo. Another popular item, this dildo is modeled after the real thing (a wolf member) and comes with a handy suction so you can enjoy your animal roleplay fun without any interruptions!

Wishing you all a very Naughty summer ☼

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