4 Reasons to Give Your Partner A Weekly Massage


There are tons of reasons to give your partner a massage, least of all that they’ll probably enjoy and appreciate it, but I thought a few more reasons to convince you both that you need a little TLC (you can do Monday, he/she can do Wednesday right?).

  1. It Relieves & Relaxes. Scientific research shows that massages relieve aches and pains as well as stress. Other research suggests that even headaches and depression could be alleviated with massages.
  2. Immunity & Focus Boost! Aside from the medical benefits, there’s the fact that massages help us relax and give us a focus boost. Also, research suggests they boost our immunity and help us fight off illnesses.
  3. Better Sex & Better Sleep. This simple form of pampering, whether you get a massage from your partner or a professional, will ultimately help you feel more rested, get better quality of sleep, AND help you have better sex!

So, What Are You Waiting For?

Get to that massage already 😉

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