3 Anal Toys to Try this Easter!


With Easter approaching and it’s innocent emphasis on eggs, I decided to put a naughty spin on it for those of you who want to indulge a bit and enjoy some “eggs” of your own and share 3 anal toys that are ideal for having some naughty fun on Easter!

The Butt Heart Plug is perfectly shaped for some anal play, though the toy is a bit on the wider side so you should be an intermediate to advanced anal player. You could try it out anyway, if you like, but you’ll need to work your way down the tapered shaft as desired.

Next up is the already mentioned Large Glass Bunny Tail Butt Plug which is absolutely ideal for Easter with it’s chic design and soft bunny tail. The smooth surface makes it perfect for all levels of anal connoisseurs and the rabbit tail makes it fun for yiff furry roleplay!

Lastly, there’s the Mini Bang for Your Butt Plug which is a smaller mini version of our 3 Bangs for Your Butt Plug and works well for beginners and intermediate players. The tapered shaft makes this great for leveling up your anal game and it’s suction makes it superb for securing it to various places while you have your fun, uninterrupted.

Enjoy 😉

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