5 Pick Up Lines That Actually Work


When it comes to pickup lines, most have a disdainful reaction to the mere mention of them, but I have a few tricks up my sleeve so you can use these “pickup lines” without getting caught and have them actually work effectively when you do the next time you’re hitting up someone special 😉

  1. Genuine Compliment. Obviously, this one is kind of a no-brainer, but it should be said that a genuine compliment to someone goes a long way. I’m not talking mindless flattery, either so no “nice shirt” either. What I mean is ” you have a great smile” or something of that nature. You can compliment style, if you want, and most compliments should only be dealt after the conversation has begun. Don’t just go walking up to a random person saying “nice style” – it comes off as weird and creepy so no doing “the creep” LOL – unless that’s the vibe you’re going for 😛
  2. A Funny Joke. Jokes are a great way to break the ice, of course, and it should be something on-topic. For instance, if you’re at a sports bar and the person you’re looking to connect with happens to like the opposing team, you can always tease them about it a bit for some laughs. Obviously try to keep it lighthearted – you never know what kind of effect you could have if the joke is too personal (people and sports can get serious quick if you’re too offensive about it so be cute and coy as opposed to brash and rude).
  3. Take An Interest. If you see a person wearing a band shirt or some other pop culture reference that also interests you, this is a great way to strike up a conversation. For instance, I happen to be a huge fan of fantasy novels ( think LOTR, HP, GoT) and if I ever see anyone wearing anything that references these, I am quick to say “love your shirt – that’s a great (show,movie,band,etc.)!” Plus, people immediately warm up and feel like they can relate to you on a comfortable level.
  4. Ask A Question. On the other hand, if said person is wearing a shirt of a band, film, or show you don’t really know much about, you can always ask. This takes interest in that person and is a subtle way of getting someone to tell you more about their self and their interests and, of course, some cool new shows, etc.
  5. Smile, Eye Contact & Go! When you take any of the actions above, be sure to smile while speaking and listening, make eye contact occasionally so they know you’re listening and engaging with what they have to say. You might really find you both have a lot in common.

Good Luck! 

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