How to Get Laid this Easter!


Of course, like any holiday, the most important thing is getting laid.

Okay, maybe not, but it should be a priority level 2, at least, right?

If it isn’t, it should be and I’m going to help you get there with a few fun, helpful tips for this Spring 😉

  1. Get Sweaty. Whether you’re already getting some with our sex workout or you have a legit gym routine, you need to get some fitness! It’s not necessarily about being in crazy good shape as it is about health and stamina. If you want to get laid, you’ll want to be able to deliver a great romp in the sheets once it happens!
  2. Fuel Up! You’ll want to get your grub on, but in the right way. Fill up on healthy whole foods that will kick your libido and health up a few notches! Check out our list of the healthiest foods for sexual health to see which ones are best to enjoy!
  3. Hygiene First. Obviously, you want to get an annual checkup the make sure everything is running accordingly, but aside from general health, you want to have a nice daily routine for hygiene set in place that way any spontaneous romp sessions can go off without a hitch (or a panic on your part) if you find yourself in a not-too-pleasant state. I also recommend having a small kit of essentials in your car for emergencies ( cologne or perfume, deodorant, toothbrush, mouthwash, etc. ).
  4. Be Coy. How developed is your flirting technique? No, I’m kidding. Kind of. What I really mean is you’ll want to have your smooth talk be completely seamless so it goes well in normal conversation. Also, you’ll want to have a few lines up your sleeves, but only the ones that really work! Stay tuned on the blog tomorrow to see which pickup lines actually work 😉
  5. Have Fun! At the end of it all, just have a good time! Don’t make it the end-all-be-all goal of the holiday, but take casual strides toward that end and I’m sure the results will surprise and arouse you!

Good Luck ;-P

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