Product Spotlight: Ream and Dream Suction Butt Plug


Our Ream and Dream Suction Butt Plug is a medium-large-ish sized plug with a beautifully smooth shaft that also has some delightful ridges down it which are great for keeping your toy lubed and smooth for ease and comfortable use. Why, you ask? The lubricant falls into the ridges and is less likely to slide off the toy while you use it, therefore lasting MUCH longer than it would on an overall smooth surface toy. Aside from those great assets (get it?), the Ream and Dream Suction Butt Plug has a gradual smooth taper to the shaft so it’s easy to advance as you please during use and it’s massive suction cup ensures it stays put while you have your fun!

Check it out on Masturgasm – here.

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Shop the Sale on Masturgasm – here.

Shop the Sale on Amazon – here.


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