5 Tips to Get Lucky this St. Patrick’s Day!


Sex is on my mind today and not just any kind, but a special kind of sex : St. Patty’s Day Sex

Since I’m on a madwoman’s mission to get laid, by any means necessary this St. Patrick’s Day, I thought I would share my tips and tactics for how to get the job done, erhm, as it were, so you can all get lucky too

Here are 5 tips to help you get laid this naughty St. Patty’s Day!

  1. Wear A Shirt that says “Kiss Me, I’m Irish.” Who doesn’t want to fulfill your shirt’s declaration when they see that? I mean, I know I would. And in all seriousness, these fun themed shirts will make you more accessible when you go out to a restaurant or bar on St. Patty’s – they’re instant conversation-starters that make people want to come up and talk to you.
  2. Go to An Irish Pub & Meet New People. Of course, if you don’t know anyone who is readily available on St. Patty’s, you’ll have to trawl the pubs, bars and restaurants. Get a good wing man if you don’t want to go solo and chat up some people, order some drinks and have a good time. Who knows where the night will lead?
  3. Buy A Round Of Irish Drinks – Ale, Cocktails, etc. Not that I’m saying you should all get smashed (but if you do, remember to catch a cab you party animal!), but a few drinks makes everyone a little more friendly and outgoing. It’s a fun way to get to know people and you could even start a drinking game, if you wanted to. If you don’t drink, ordering some traditional Irish fare is always fun and delicious as well!
  4. Talk Irish to Me! I don’t care who you are, accents are SEXY. If you already have an Irish accent, well hot damn – you’ll be in demand on March 17th, my friend. If not, you have a week or so to learn one 😉 Bonus points if actually speak Gaelic
  5. Find that pot of gold (erm sex toys!) If all else fails and you can’t go out, pick yourself up a fun new toy to try out! I’m always up for trying new things, especially new toys, and having a little time for personal love is the best time, amirite?

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