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New Things to Try In Bed that Won’t Freak Your Partner Out!

Since yesterday’s post seems to have made such a splash on the blog, I decided to do another post continuing on the idea of helping to persuade your partner to try new things in bed! The obvious next step once you’ve convinced them to be more open to try new things in bed is to […]

The History and Evolution of the Vibrator!

Our boss discovered this little gem at a local antique store over the weekend and we discovered that it was manufactured in 1902! Don’t cringe away from this little treasure, though – the vibrational powers are pretty strong considering it’s over 100 years old, though it does have a cord and need to be plugged […]

How to Convince Your Partner to Try New Things In Bed!

Trying new things in bed sounds easy enough, but what happens when one partner isn’t up for new adventures? Since we know some of you out there may have this issue in your relationships, we’ve put our heads together to figure out the best ways to help persuade your partner(s) to try new and exciting […]

Happy Valentine’s Day from Masturgasm!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Masturgasm! We hope you have a deliciously naughty day, whether single or attached, and enjoy all those delicious heart-shaped desserts because…well, because they are delicious. Check Out Our Naughty Valentine’s Day Deals Going On Now! 3 Naughty Sex Positions to Try this Valentine’s Day!  5 Sex Tips to Make Your Orgasms […]

How to Have An Erotic Valentine’s Day!

Of course, whether you’re single or in a relationship, you’ll want to enjoy this very naughty, fun holiday and, lucky for you, we’ve got all the best tips for how to make this the most erotic day yet! Check Out Our Naughty Valentine’s Day Deals Going On Now! 3 Naughty Sex Positions to Try this […]

3 Naughty Sex Positions to Try this Valentine’s Day!

What better time to try a new sex position (or 3) than Valentine’s Day, I always say! The Spoon. This is done in the typical “spooning” position where you slide into your partner from behind (or vice versa). This can create a totally different sensation to typical intercourse. For added kink, have the spoonee (as […]

5 Sex Tips to Make Your Orgasms More Intense!

Everyone loves a good climax, amirite? That being said, some are better than others and there are a few things you can do to ensure that every climax is as intense as the next! SLOW DOWN! The biggest way to kill your climax is by rushing through to the end result. Slow down! Enjoy the […]