How to Stay Satisfied In Your Relationship


If you’re in a long term relationship, it’s understandable that you’d feel dissatisfied after a time, especially if you’ve been together for more than a few years. It’s inevitable that things will begin to feel a bit too routine and then you’re stuck in a rut or maybe just feel less-than happy with how things are going. Because I know this is quite a common issue, I’ve come up with a few ways you can get satisfaction out of your relationship {without becoming a naughty cheater!} that will help you feel happier, healthier, and more fulfilled.

How to Get Satisfaction In A Relationship 

{Without Becoming A Naughty Cheater!}

  1. Talk to your partner about any existing concerns. If there is something that is bothering you in a relationship, whatever it is, you have the right and also owe it to your partner(s) to speak with them about it. After all, they might have no idea you even have a problem! When you sit down and discuss what’s bothering you, you might find that either your partner is having the same issue as you or maybe they had no idea you were having that issue. Either way, once the concerns are brought to light, you may find that you have a more positive and open dialogue between your partner(s) that allows you to air out concerns, fantasies, etc. and work through things together instead of just fighting through it all on your own.
  2. Mix Things Up! Sometimes, routine feels nice, but other times, it can feel dull and boring. When it gets to the point that things are automatic and you’re no longer fully experiencing every erotic exchange between you and your partner, you know it’s time to mix things up! This can be as simple as trying new sex positions or as complicated as taking on a new sexual lifestyle such as a BDSM relationship, trying out anal for the first time, or indulging your yiff fantasies! Anything new will give you that much needed refresh that you sex life needs.
  3. Focus on giving one another new kinds of sexual sensations. Again, sometimes you just need to mix up your routine, but this tip specifically focuses on giving pleasure to one another. That means spending extra time on foreplay and really focusing on making the other person feel good. I know a lot of people think foreplay is overrated, but it’s truly not, I promise!
  4. Get in touch with your own self-pleasure. Lastly, if everything else is going great and you still feel a bit dissatisfied, then maybe your own self-love routine needs a pick-me-up. After all, you deserve love and attention just as much as your partner, you deserve ME time and a little masturbation never hurt anyone. Many people find that masturbation improves the overall happiness and quality of a relationship so, if you’re contemplating buying that new sex toy, now’s the time to invest in yourself 😉

Good Luck!

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