5 Sex Tips to Make Your Orgasms More Intense!


Everyone loves a good climax, amirite?

That being said, some are better than others and there are a few things you can do to ensure that every climax is as intense as the next!

  1. SLOW DOWN! The biggest way to kill your climax is by rushing through to the end result. Slow down! Enjoy the moment and remember to bask in the pleasure of each touch, kiss, caress ( or spank, as it were ), and really feel the pleasure given to you from your partner and vice versa.
  2. Take Your Time. Again, take your time with pleasuring your partner and receiving pleasure. Enjoy every sensation and kiss. It’s understandable if you get caught up in the heat of the moment, but try to remember that it’s not a race and to slow down and really feel every single stimulation.
  3. More Foreplay. This is a big one. Adding in more foreplay will help to build the intensity up for all partners. When giving pleasure, remember that you’re giving pleasure to someone special who you want to enjoy themselves and, in reverse, while you are receiving pleasure from someone, enjoy that as someone is giving pleasure to you. Take your time, play around with things, and enjoy yourselves without rushing.
  4. Add In Toys! If things are really losing their intensity despite everything, adding in some kinky sex toys may be just the ticket you need to heat things up again! We have a ton of variety from anal toys to more conventional dildos, animal yiff dildos, penis extensions, vibrators, fetish toys, cock rings, and even threesome toys!
  5. Different Positions ♥ Trying out different positions will add an entirely new element to your erotic experience. Each position lends you and your partner different sensations and varied stimulation so everything doesn’t just feel the same the entire time. I highly recommend trying out a bunch of different ones until you find your favorites!

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