6 Naughty Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas!


1. Wolfman Canine Dildo with Suction 2. Rumpa Bump Bump Penis Extension 3. Butt Heart Plug

4. Auto Erotica 3-in-1 Vibrator 5. Woody Cock Ring 6. 8.5″ Frenchy Super Cock Dildo

Any of these would make a wonderful gift for yourself or someone special this Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re into yiff, anal, or something a bit more conventional, we have plenty of options to choose from in festive colors for this fun occasion ♥

The Wolfman Canine Dildo with Suction is perfect for yiff lovers with it’s stylized wolf design while both the Rumpa Bump Bump Penis Extension and the Butt Heart Plug offer differing unique ways to enjoy anal play. The Woody Cock Ring is a great choice for couples to enjoy more intense erections and orgasmic experiences while Auto Erotica 3-in-1 Vibrator and 8.5″ Frenchy Super Cock Dildo are both fantastic choices for those riding solo which, let’s be honest, is just as fun if not more fun  😉

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♥ xO

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