New and Naughty Things to Try in 2014!


The best part about a new year is trying and experiencing new things!

We here at Masturgasm think this is a fantastic way to broaden your horizons so we’ve come up with our own list of new things to try in 2014 with a naughty spin 😉


  • Extensions! Our line of penis extensions is likely the most varied you’ll see anywhere and with good reason! The TSX extensions are all manufactured here in the USA to the highest standards by an artistic sculptor. Aside from their awesome track record, these extensions come in all shapes and sizes to give you more length, girth, stimulation, and lots of unique sensations! The wearer stays harder for longer and experiences a more intense orgasm while stimulating their partner. These are a MUST for 2014!
  • Animal Play 😛 What could be more fun than letting your inner animal out? Our line of animal dildos, dongs and extensions is certainly imaginative and stylized, but some are even anatomically correct and many are modeled after the real thing for the ultimate yiff experience!
  • Threesome Toys. Threesomes are a ton of fun, but for those of you who aren’t into adding a third wheel, our threesome toys are the perfect solution. Not only do they allow for double penetration fun, but they also allow for more varied sensations between partners as there are 3 different toys – a gspot threesome toy, a small anal plug threesome toy, and a medium anal plug threesome toy. You can also get them all 3 in a kit for a discounted price – HERE!
  • Realism. Realistic toys can be a ton of fun for those who have never tried them, especially our select dildos in fauxskin! The fauxskin material is velvety soft and feels softer than actual skin so the experience is absolutely amazing! Intense, smooth and orgasmic, these fauxskin dildos promise an erotic rush that may just be better than the real thing!
  • Anal Play :O Anal is a totally different and more visceral erotic experience than conventional intercourse and it’s something that really can’t be explained; it must be experienced. We have so many anal play toys to try and, if you’re a beginner, you’ll want to start with our amazing Analicous plug which is small enough to enjoy without much discomfort and then you can move your way up to bigger toys over time.

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♥ xO

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