How to Keep Your Sex Life Fresh and Frisky in 2014


Keeping your sex life heated and hot can take a bit of effort, but it’s absolutely possible and a must for making 2014 your most intimate and sexy yet! Of course, there are some tips that can help keep that fire burning throughout the year and here are mine ♥

  1. Keep An Open Mind.
  2. Try New Things Often.
  3. Laugh About It.
  4. Try Tantric.
  5. Sleep Well.
  6. Eat Well.
  7. Take Charge… Or Submit 😉
  8. Experiment With New Sex Toys.
  9. Try A Fetish.
  10. Go to A Fetish Club and/or Swingers Party.

Wishing You Lots of Luck & Lots of Pleasure in 2014. 

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♥ xO

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