Naughty Gift Guide 2013: For Her


Today’s gift guide is all about her! We’ve put together our top picks and customer favorites to give the ladies on your list the best orgasmic experiences with and without a partner.

{ The Realist }10.25″ Homeboy Realistic Feel Dildo with Fauxskin – This is, hands down, the best dildo we have in our arsenal! We have other smaller dildos in the fauxskin material that are nice as well, sure, but this one is the cream of the crop! It’s long, just thick enough, and has a pretty sturdy base. Aside from that, it’s made from TSX Toys’ signature fauxskin which feels better than real skin! Actually it feels more like velvet, if anything, and it’s an absolute dream to use! Orgasms galore will be had with this one!

{ The Ultimate O }Auto Erotica 3-in-1 Vibrator – If the person you’re gifting or you yourself aren’t that big on realism, then this is a fun stylistic vibrator to pick up! It’s got all the bells and whistles you could want in a vibrator because it comes equipped with a clit stimulator, a g-spot curved shaft and a tapered anal plug which allows you to fill all your holes with total pleasure that will leave you utterly spent at the end of it all! It’s designed to be rocked into your body and was made for women by women.

{ Kinky Kate }Matador SMP Vibe Dildo – This is a delicious stylistic vibrating dildo that has ridges down it’s shaft for ultimate stimulation. It’s a personal favorite of mine because the vibration controls can be controlled with the handy remote and things can be as mild or intense as you like! It’s also fairly long and thick making this the perfect size for anyone!

{ Primal Instinct }The Wolfman Canine Animal Dildo – For those ladies who like the furrier things in life, this is the perfect dildo! It’s modestly sized with a suction cup so it can be suctioned down to any hard, flat surface and you can go to town for some yiffing good fun! Designed with a wolf penis in mind, but a bit more stylized, this is perfect for furry yiff role playing and other primal fun. We also have the Wolfman Extension, our anatomically correct Horse Penis Dildo, a larger stylized Horse Dick Dildo, an anatomically correct Whale Penis Dildo (quite large), and a modestly sized Dog Penis Dildo, aptly named Clifford.

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