Naughty Gift Guide 2013: For Anal Lovers


Today’s gift guide is all about anal 😉

For those of you who love some backdoor fun, here are my top picks for holiday gifts you can gift to others or treat yourself with!

{For Beginners } The Analicious Butt Plug is perfect for beginners because it’s small, smooth yet textured and tapered shape makes this little toy enjoyable and easy to use!

{ For Intermediate } The 2 Shots In the Dark Butt Plug is a bit on the bigger side of things, but is tapered and has 2 notches on it so you can start at the top and work your way down the shaft each time you use it and work up to full insertion. The smooth texture makes this really pleasurable to use!

{ For Advanced } The Polyphemus Butt Plug is massively big for the advanced anal players and comes with a smooth, yet textured and ridged shaft that makes every inch pleasurable, but seriously intense!

{ For Kinky Fun } The Deep Black Ribbed 100% Low Ammonia Latex Inflatable Butt Plug is for those who aren’t necessarily looking for size or want to start small and work their way up because this butt plug actually comes equipped with a hand pump which inflates the shaft of the toy! Insert the toy at it’s normal size and inflate it once it’s inside for a deliciously intense experience!

Naughty Gift Guide 2013: For Kinky Couples

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