Avoid Getting Trampled On Black Friday: Shop Online with Masturgasm Black Friday Deals Instead!


It is that time of year again my friends. 

You know, that time when people go insane for sales and we are more than happy to amp up the insanity for you from the comfort of your own home because why? Because who would read our blog and shop at our store if you were trampled to death? So, since our goal this year is to keep you alive and happy, we’ve decided to offer insane online deals that you can enjoy from the comfort and safety of your own home; Live On & Shop On!


Take A Look At This Year’s Deals: 

  • Spend $80+ Get 10% Off Your Order!
  • Spend $150+ Get 20% Off Your Order!
  • Spend $300+ Get 30% Off Your Order!

These deals will go live at midnight on Nov. 28th and last until midnight on Cyber Monday or December 2nd, 2013.

Happy Shopping & Cheers to Your Survival! 

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Check Out Our Items on Amazon – here.

♥ xO

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