Quick Tip to Make First Time Anal Easier + More Fun for Everyone!


Happy Saturday!

Just a quick tip to help those of you who may be taking the fun, but sometimes intimidating, plunge into trying anal for the first time.

Quick Tip: Try giving the receiver a massage (or give each other massages ) beforehand!

The reason for the massaging is not necessarily to get you both in the mood for sex, though it may have that affect anyhow, but really to get the body more relaxed and receptive. With daily stressors, it’s no wonder we’re all tensed up and high strung, but that kind of tight body makes anal more difficult, painful and less fun for everyone. By massaging one another, you ensure your muscles are more relaxed and pliable so sex in general, but especially anal, will be much more enjoyable and facilitated.

Happy Humping ♥

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  1. […] If you want to try Anal, Try This: Anal beads or Small Butt Plugs. Anal is really scary for a lot of people so getting them used to the idea slowly is the best route for success and optimal enjoyment for everyone. Starting out with small anal toys and beads can help your partner get used to anal stimulation and sensations and acclimate to the differing sensations. This is leaps and bounds better than jumping straight into anal sex, especially for someone who is totally new to that avenue of pleasure. For more inspiration on this, check out this post. […]

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