3 Reasons You Should Have Sex After Black Friday Shopping!


Black Friday can give you a heaping rush of adrenaline and possibly a little panic, but in a good way right?

I always come home from my Black Friday shopping with a ridiculous amount of energy, despite being beyond exhausted and that’s why we should all take some time before getting some much needed sleep to enjoy a little sex.

Here’s Why: 

  • It Relaxes Your Nerves. When you get home, you’ll be all cracked out on adrenaline and excitement from the rush of shopping so why not have a little down time before you hit the pillow? Sex will help you sleep better, relax you and even help you burn more fat! Don’t believe me? Learn more about it – HERE
  • Use Those New Toys! Assuming you did some pre-shopping online or maybe even at your local adult retailer, you’ll have some new sex toys to play with! If not, you can always shop with us & get great deals anytime 😉 With that, you’ll definitely want to take them for a spin right?
  • End the Night on A Good Note. If you got in a fight or got a little more aggressive than usual during Black Friday, some nice sex is a great way to end the night on a good note instead of going to sleep angry!

Happy Shopping!

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