3 Ways to Thank Your Partner(s) In Naughty November!


Source: Someecards.com

When it comes to thanking your partner, there are a ton of ways you could do it, but determining which is the best way to show your gratitude depends on your partner…and if there’s a bed nearby! 😉

Here Are 3 Ways to Show Your Partner Some Gratitude This Month:

Pamper Them.  Offer up a nice massage with some erotically scented oil. Whether you make it erotic or not is up to you, but it’s more fun that way ! You can include, candles, a nice drawn bath (bubbles optional) or shower, and create the whole experience. Even though it seems like a small gesture, it’s a really nice way to show someone you care (and hopefully get laid too!).

Treat Them.  Gifts people! No, I’m kidding, unless you think that’s appropriate because who doesn’t like a nice dildo or five? We have a nice selection of naughty gifts over on Masturgasm to peruse, if that’s what you had in mind, but otherwise there are tons of way to treat someone. You can pamper them (see above), treat them to dinner (homemade or at a restaurant), and yes, of course, shower them with gifts!

Indulge Their Senses. Whether you want to carefully plan out dinner and dessert yourself or get reservations at a local hot spot followed by some nice scented candles and massages at home, either way it’s a great idea! Be sure to add some subtle, but sexy music to get you both in the mood for fun.

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