How to Guarantee A Sexually Satisfying Halloween!


Halloween is a fun time for everyone, but as we get older, it can become less exciting because we’ve pretty much seen it all before and something that was once fresh and new is now stale routine. Because of that, we’ve “naughty-fied” Halloween in all the ways we can by offering tips and suggestions for naughty ways to spend Halloween, fun toys to make your naughty costumes extra realistic and tons of other fun posts to help you have your best Adult Halloween yet! Even so, we feel we still have a few more Naughty Halloween posts left in us so here are some more tips on how to ensure your Halloween this year is the kinkiest yet!

Indulge Your Inner Child… Kind Of.

Just because you’re not a kid anymore doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun on this naughtiest of holidays; it just needs a little tweaking so try to see this holiday with a pair of fresh eyes, as though you’re celebrating Halloween for the first time. Then, take those ideas and put a naughty spin on them! I’m sure you’ll come up with some fun things to do with your FWB or partner (or several!) to ensure a fun-filled time. Whether that’s trying out some new toys (like this spooky skeleton extender!) or throwing a swingers masquerade party, have fun with it in your own way! You could even theme your party to be a re-enactment of Eyes Wide Shut ( the film) and suddenly, Halloween has taken on a whole new adult life that you can enjoy again!

Be Fully Prepared & In the Spirit! 

All I mean by this is – decorate your home, light some spooky candles, play some sensual (yet mysterious) music (like this song from Massive Attack), dress up in a fun costume and enjoy some role play! Themed dinner parties are great as well, if you really want to go all out, because you can theme the food, the costumes, and the decor to whatever you like. If Eyes Wide Shut isn’t your thing, there’s always True Blood, old school Dracula or Anne Rice vamps, Yiff parties, Ghosts (AKA everyone comes in only a sheet! 😉 ) or even zombies, though that idea could get messy quick!

Set the Mood. 

Light some large black, purple and orange pillar candles. Play some seductive vibes music or sounds, dress up in your finest and get erotic in your own way! You can run a bath with rose petals ( add some fake blood to the bath if you want to get your creep on) or cook up a gourmet meal. Whatever sets the “mood” that you want to attain and set the vibe for a fun evening.

Enjoy the Sights, Sounds & Foods! 

When all is said and done, soak it all up! BE in the moment! Breathe in the scent of cold air and spices, bathe in the seductive sensuality of your surrounding and truly listen to the music to get in the mood for adult play. Whether it’s role playing or not, there’s a mood to be set up and you can enjoy every second of it. If there’s food savor it and later, savor your partner too!

Good Luck 😉


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