Your Adult Christmas Gift Guide: Sex Toys For Every Personality

Christmas gifts can be difficult to pick out for people, especially the naughty variety for a special someone, but we’ve broken down this simple gift guide for all sexy personality types out there so it’s super simple. Enjoy giving the best gift ever this Christmas 😉 and be sure to pick something up for yourself too!

Wild Child

animal dildos, yiff, furry, sex toys, wolf penis dildo

Wolfman Canine Animal Dildo with Suction Cup; $36.99

Single Sam

cumming dildos, squirting dildos

Matador Dong, Cumming; $76.99

Practical Percy

classic traditional dildos, realistic sex toys

6″ Thin Cock Classic Dildo; $13.99

Gothic Gabe

skeleton penis extender, gothic, dia de los muertos, skulls, penis girth expander, extensions, thick ur dick, bigger dick, harder erection

2″ Skeleton Penis Extender; $34.99

Ambitious Angela

big sex toys, huge dongs, large dildos, fisting, stretching

The Cannon – Suction Huge Dong; $152.99

Steampunk Sally 

steampunk, steam punk, sex toys

Steampunk Cock Sling Cock Ring; $19.99

Thick Thelma

The Original Thick Ur Dick Girth Penis Expander, penis extensions, extenders, sex toys for men

The Original Thick Ur Dick Girth Penis Expander; $28.99

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♥ xO

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