My Top 3 Favorite Toys!

Working with adult toys has been great fun. I know a lot of people might scoff at the idea, act shocked and disturbed, but truth be told, it’s just like any other job only I think we get the opportunity to laugh more given the nature of our products, but that’s just me 😉 .

So, with that random insight into my profession, here’s my 3 favorite toys!


Fidelity G-Spot Double Penetration Sex Toy; $34.99

Isn’t this a fantastic way to experience the pleasures of a threesome for those who don’t want to add a third person to the mix?

Steampunk Cock Sling Cock Ring; $19.99

Once a steam punk fan, always a steampunk fan! I love the way these have such an incredible rustic design and the ridges have great functionality for extra stimulation.

The Wolfman – Suction Animal Canine Dildo; $33.99

I love how ironically this toy’s release paralleled the release of  Twilight and for that reason, I’ve always said this one was for Team Jacob supporters, but I honestly feel that this is a great pick for Yiff lovers as well! The design is great and, as far as I know, anatomically correct to a wolf’s penis. I just love that it’s accurate for those who are into canine role play and bondage fun!

What’s your favorite toy from our Masturgasm shop?

Shop Our Entire Toy Selection – here!


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