10 Ways To Thank Your Partner This Thanksgiving


  1. Offer A Night of Sensual Bathing & Massage. Set a hot bath for your partner and bathe them. After bathing, place towels on your bed, couch or the floor and give them a soft caress with hot towels & smooth stones (may be found at your local Bed, Bath & Beyond or online) and your favorite massage oil.
  2. Give them Oral Pleasure that will Rock their World. For tips, check out our Oral Sex Techniques.
  3. Working Overtime? That’s fine; Send them a naughty text and photo of yourself to let them know you’re thinking of them. This is a guarantee of sexual passion when they get home! Find something to wear for the evening in Sexy Lingerie!
  4. Dining In: Naughty Style. Make your partner their favorite meal by candle light and be sure to dress your best: an apron or for the braves ones, your birthday suit a la carte. Or, if you’re the creative type, paint yourself in Sexy Edible Paints!
  5. Sexual Favor Coupons. These are a classic winner. Hand over a Sex Slave for a Day or More Specific Sexual Favors coupon. Or, if that doesn’t appeal to you, find a fun game to play!
  6. Do the Dirty! Declare your next day off together as Fulfill Your Fantasies Day. Share naughty fantasies over dessert and make them a reality after!
  7. Sexual Spa Kit. This is the newest offer going on at Romance Attack. Basically, you choose what you want in your sexual spa kit and they will give you the gift wrap & basket for FREE all through this holiday season. (Please Note: Not Live on the Site Yet; Offer is Already Available Though So Be Sure to Ask for It When You Check Out!)
  8. Sexual Voyeur Scavenger Hunt. This is really fun, although if you have children, you may have to send them away for the weekend to pull it off! Basically, it goes like this: You place coupon or road markers in each location of your choosing with an explanation of what you will do there; example: Ride me as hard as you can for 20 seconds. Go! Or, if you prefer to put emphasis on location, you can choose places like the kitchen counter, car, pool, backyard, etc. depending on your level of comfortability and your partner’s fantasies.
  9. Serve Up Dessert for Your Partner..On You…Literally. That’s right, make the dessert of your choice or their favorite and serve it up on your body, wherever you please. Be careful with this one ladies, too much sugar in your lady parts will cause a yeast infection in most so you may just want to stick with placing them on your stomach, chest & breasts area.
  10. Check In to Pleasure Island. Blindfold and/or Tie Up your lover and lead them to the hotel of your choosing for a few hours or a weekend. Whatever fun you have there stays between the two of you! Get wild!

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