5 Wild Sex Toys To Try!

When I shop, I love to browse and if I’m shopping online, I’m even more of a browser, but sometimes I tend to get a little overwhelmed by the amount of options available to me. I can’t decide! I want everything! I love lists like this because they present things in a less overwhelming fashion and let me know what’s trending and what others like which can be really helpful when shopping. So, with that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of  5 really fun toys to try in our shop, mostly based on my own experience with them!

Check Out The Goods!

The Original Thick Ur Dick Girth Penis Expander

  • The Original Thick Ur Dick Girth Expander – This has been a fan favorite ever since TSX Toys first released it! Inspired by customers for the customers, this girth expander is made to literally “Thick Your Dick!” Enjoy more girth, added stimulation and a whole lot of fun!

3 Extra Inches Penis Extension

  • 3 Extra Inches Penis Extension– Finally a toy that comes full circle to give you those added inches every man wants! With the easy to wear extension, you get 3 extra inches on your member and a firmer erection during use!

The Wolfman Extension Animal Canine Dildo

  • The Wolfman Penis Extension Animal Canine Dildo – Hello furry fans! This toy was made for all your yiffing pleasure! 😉 Inspired by all the animal fetish fun that’s been trending, this extension allows all your furry sex fantasies to become a reality! (Please Note – None of our furry friends were tested or injured during the making of this product! )

The Wolfman - Suction Animal Canine Dildo

  • The Wolfman Penis w/ Suction – Animal Canine Dildo – Party for one little pup tonight? That’s okay by us! With this awesome Wolfman Dildo, all you have to do is suction down to a hard surface and have all the furry fun your heart desires! (Please Note – None of our furry friends were tested or injured during the making of this product! )

Mr. Ed; Anatomically Correct Horse Member Animal Dildo

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