The In’s & Out’s Of Sex Toys

I remember when I was 18 and this whole world of the adult industry loomed over me like a life size sex doll…Okay, that would just be odd, but really, I remember when I was first entering this industry and I was shocked, awed, confused and amused by the many facets of toys and the like and I knew very little about sex and absolutely nothing about the industry. If you don’t anything about it, it’s really nothing to worry about. If you don’t work in the industry or frequently use adult toys or shop at a local adult boutique, there’s no reason why you would and that’s totally fine. But, If you are curious and want to know more, great because that’s my job and I’m here to help.

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First off, choose a toy that’s right for you:

There are SO many different kinds of toys, whether you’re male or female and each of them have their own protocol depending on the material they are made with. The material will denote what kind of cleaner you need to use and the kind of lubricant that can be used with that particular toy.

That’s right, not all lubricants can be used with all toys. In fact, using certain lubricants with certain toys can be damaging to your toy, cut the shelf life in half or ruin it instantly, and actually deteriorate the material of the toy itself until the toy is no longer usable.

The actual uses of the toy itself, ie. anal toys, clitoral toys, etc. matter little. What really is important is preserving the materials of the toy. In this case though, if you prefer to use a lubricant specifically for anal, that’s your choice although any of the other approved lubricants for that material will suffice as well.

Use the Right Lubricant & Cleaner for That Toy:

  • If you choose a toy that’s made of plastic, such as a basic hard vibe, you’re usually okay to use any kind of lubricants that you want unless the toy company you purchased it from specifies otherwise. Also, it can easily be cleaned by using soap & water or your favorite toy cleaner.
  • If you choose a toy that’s made of PVC or silicone based materials, this is where you need to pay attention. PVC/Silicone pieces are only eligible to use water based or hybrid lubricants with them because most silicone lubricants, unless they are hybrid formulations, will corrode the material of the toy and ruin it. A reaction happens between the ingredients which deteriorates the toy’s condition. Some great water based lubricants that are favored by many are those by WET or I.D. They are well known and trusted throughout the industry and many people really love their lines.
  • Other than water based, you can also use any organic lubricants that do not have silicone (or any derivative of it) in the ingredients, flavored lubricants (all flavored lubricants are water based), any of our fun stimulating lubricants, hybrid lubricants which have both silicon derivative and water based properties that can be used safely with any toys(unless otherwise noted) and, of course, any of the toys in our toy friendly lubricants category. For cleaning, you may simply wash these toys with soap and water or use your favorite toy cleaner. Be sure to let it dry completely before re-using or storing to prevent any breakdown in the materials of your toy(s).
  • For any fauxskin, cyberskin or soft skin type silicone material such as the ones used in male masturbation toys or realistic dildos & dongs, the same rules apply as for a silicone piece so follow the rules previously stated in the above bullet point. To clean these items, you may use soap and water or your favorite toy cleaner and, if you want, it is recommended to dust a small amount of corn starch or baby powder over the toy once it is dried to preserve it’s soft texture and prevent breakdown of the materials.

So, now that you’re on your way to becoming a sex toy connoisseur like yours truly, find the right sex toy for you and enjoy your weekend having a safe, comfortable and risk-free sexual experience that is sure to make you BURST with joy…among other things 😉

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